Red Hook Child Care, Inc.'s

Before and After School Care Program at Mill Road Elementary

KAP Handbook

Red Hook Child Care Center, Inc. is delighted to offer its child care program to families of the Red Hook Central School District.  The KAP program provides child care before and after school for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade.  The before school program operates from 7:15am to 8:45am, and the after school program from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.

The KAP program is under the direction of Christine Ader, Program Director.  A voluntary Board of Directors provides support and assistance.  The program offers structured and unstructured activities including arts and crafts, indoor as well as outdoor games, cooking projects, nature study, puzzles, computer time and homework time.

Please let other families know about the KAP program!  If a family you refer enrolls in KAP, you will receive a $20 rebate off your next month’s tuition.





In general, the KAP program follows the same calendar as the Red Hook Central School District (RHCSD).  Therefore, KAP is closed the days that school is closed, including snow days, unanticipated early dismissals and times when after school activities are canceled by the school district.  On half day school days, the afternoon KAP program will remain open until 4:00pm.  On a two hour delay schedule, the morning KAP program will open at 9:00am.  If for any reason the RHCSD cancels after school activities or dismisses school early, KAP would be canceled.  It is necessary for parents to make arrangements in advance for dismissal from school on such days.  Parents are responsible for calling the school phone line at 758-2241 or use a radio or computer source to remain informed regarding school closing, delays, cancellations, etc.

Additionally, it is essential that parents be able to be reached by phone by the KAP staff.  Please keep phone numbers updated and understand that for the safety of your child, you or an emergency contact must be able to be contacted during program hours.  Should KAP have to close unexpectedly, or should your child need special assistance, you will be required to come to KAP to pick up your child.


The KAP program operates on a not-for-profit-basis.  There is an annual registration fee to cover the yearly required administrative costs and a non-refundable deposit to hold a place in the program.  Tuition is based on projected costs to run the program each year.  Upon enrollment, parents receive and sign a contract detailing tuition payments.  Payments are made monthly for a ten month period.  A late fee of $15 is charged for late payments.  Children cannot be permitted to attend the program if tuition has not been paid.  Refunds are not available for days not attended for days when KAP is closed due to cancellation of after school activities, inclement weather, or an unforeseen emergency.


Children attending the morning program may be dropped off at 7:15am.  Each child must be signed in by an adult at the time of arrival.  Please note that our doors will be open by staff members at 7:15am.

Children attending the afternoon session will be brought to the 3-5 cafeteria at 3:00pm, by their classroom teacher.  A nutritious snack is provided by the program.

Children who have not attended school due to illness are not allowed to attend the program.


The KAP program closes at 5:30pm.  All children must be signed out by an adult and picked up by this time.  Children may only be released to those adults specified on the approved pick up form.  The KAP staff will ask adults for photo identification for your child’s safety.

Parents are asked to be considerate of staff and other families at pick up.  At this time of day, families and staff are completing a long day at school and work and it is in the best interests of everyone, especially young children, to pick up and leave the building in a timely fashion.


A late fee of $5.00 for each child, every five minutes will be charged for pick up after 5:30pm.  Additionally, the KAP program reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of families who are late three or more times.

A late pick up policy was designed so that we can provide the best care for your child(ren) at our program.  When our teachers are waiting for a parent who is late, they are unable to attend to their responsibilities outside of the program.  More importantly, a child who is left waiting is wondering why they have not yet been picked up.


If all attempts to contact parents and emergency contacts are exhausted by one half hour (6:00pm) after closing, the proper authorities will be contacted.  The Director and a Board Member will be notified.  All attempts to contact parents and/or emergency contacts will be exhausted before these steps will be taken.


If the RHCSD is operating on a two hour delay schedule, the morning KAP program will open at 9:00am.  In case of an emergency closing, closing due to inclement weather or any decision by the RHCSD to cancel after school activities, KAP will not be opened.  Please keep in mind that the RHCSD may cancel after school activities based on a weather forecast for anticipated inclement weather.  Parents must make certain that arrangements have been made in advance with the school office for dismissal in these cases.  Parents need to find out the cancellation information from the school phone line (758-2241), or from a reliable radio or computer source.


Children engage in active indoor and outdoor play during the KAP program.  Please dress children in clothing and shoes that are suitable for active play and outerwear that is appropriate for the outside temperatures.


A supply list will be provided at the beginning of the school year and will be updated as needed during the school year.  These items, provided by families for use at KAP helps keep our supply costs down.  Families that do not provide required supplies will be billed for the cost.


Unless there is inclement weather, we are outside on a daily basis.  It is important that children follow the playground rules:

  • No tackle football, fighting, throwing snowballs, etc.
  • No playground balls on either castle.
  • Abide by school rules, follow age appropriate signs posted on each playground.
  • Listen and follow the instructions given by KAP staff.


Electronic games and gadgets are not permitted at KAP.   These include CD players, iPods, cell phones, Gameboys, or any other electronic device.


All accidents and injuries will be documented and kept on file by KAP staff.  A copy of this documentation will be provided to the parent/guardian immediately.


Staffing does not allow for children who are ill to be cared for.  If your child does become ill at KAP, a staff member will call a parent or emergency contact person to arrange for your child to be picked up.


If you have a court order that limits the rights of one parent in matters such as custody or visitation, a copy will be needed for our files.  Unless the court order is on file with our program, we must provide equal rights to both parents.


In order to ensure a safe environment for all children and staff, we must have knowledge of your child’s medical history, emergency phone numbers, and permission to take your child to a doctor or hospital in case of severe illness or injury.  This information and authorization will be obtained on the Release of Information and Health Emergency Form, which must be completed for each child at the time of enrollment.

Additionally, the following is required under New York State Health Regulations:

  • Each child must have an updated physical and updated immunization record on file
  • Allergies must be stated in writing
  • Each child MUST have an emergency contact person and phone number on file
  • Parents assume the responsibly of any costs associated with failure to comply with New York State Health regulations


New York law requires that childcare providers, who are willing to administer medication, must complete an Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) approved training for the administration of medications.  In addition to this training staff responsible for the administration of medications must have current certification in CPR and First Aid.

Our medication policy in the program will administer any emergency medications IE: inhalers, pi-pens, etc.  The OCFS guidelines for administration will be followed.  Please see site director for the appropriate OCFS consent forms that will need to be filled out.


All employees of New York State licensed child care facilities are, by law, mandatory reporters of child abuse or maltreatment.  The law states that if a child care worker has “reasonable cause to suspect” child abuse or maltreatment, they are obligated to make a report.  Child care employees are required to report suspected abuse whether that suspected abuse is thought to be occurring on the premises of the school or elsewhere.


To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all families and staff, it is expected that children and parents/guardians conduct themselves using appropriate, respectful and professional behavior.  Appropriate conflict resolution skills will be modeled and encouraged by staff during day to day operations.  Staff members will communicate behavioral concerns to parents/guardians and to the KAP Director.  Reasonable efforts will be made to resolve behavioral conflicts as they arise.


The KAP program reserves the right to terminate enrollment of a child(ren) under one or more of the following circumstances:

  • The child requires care beyond the scope of what the KAP program is designed to provide
  • The KAP Director has requested the parent/guardian seek additional support services or take additional steps to manage behaviors and they have refused to act on this request.
  • The child poses a danger to himself/herself, the staff or other children or adults.
  • The behavior of a parent/guardian hinders the success of the program or jeopardizes the welfare of others
  • There is ongoing disregard for the rules and policies that are part of the KAP program.