Red Hook Child Care, Inc.'s

Before and After School Care Program at Mill Road Elementary


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is KAP located?

    We are on the K-2 side of Mill Road Elementary School in rooms 212 and 214, on the second floor.

  2. Are you open on 1/2 school days?

    Yes, we are open from dismissal (11:45am) until 4:00pm.

  3. Do you offer discounts for multiple students?

    Yes, please see our Registration & Tuition page for more information.

  4. Is food provided to students enrolled in the KAP program?

    Yes, a healthy snack is provided daily by the program. Please let the staff know of any food allergies that your child may have.

  5. Are you open on snow days or on the days that school is closed?

    No.  We follow the Red Hook Central School District (RHCSD) calendar and are not available on those days.  Please visit the Calendar page to view scheduled school holidays, work days, and 1/2 days.

  6. Do I pay for snow days or when my child is sick?

    Yes. Tuition is used to cover the many costs of the program other than those that directly involve child care and these costs as well as scheduled school closures have been factored into the tution.  Tutuion will therefore be billed equally over the 10 school year months regardless of a child's sick days, snow days, or other unscheduled school days.

  7. What happens if I withdraw from the program?

    If you plan on withdrawing from the program we ask that you provide us with 30 days written notice.  In the event of an early withdrawal without providing notice, tuition and applicable fees may apply.

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